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Partnership without bounds

My friend approves of my intentions & I improve his,
we go ahead together, although our thoughts are different.

To be a citizen but not only to live in Peterhof in a place that is famous its unique parks & fountains is the aim of people's gathering under "the flag" of association "Peterhof dialogs". The main aim of the association can be called as development of common understanding & co-operation of all world citizens.

"Peterhof dialogs" active co-operate with like-minded people, support friendly contacts with the similar associations & with separate citizens in Russia & abroad.

Friendship has struck deep root. 11 June 2002 on the eve of Peterhof's birthday ceremonial opening of the Friendship Alley took place. The alley of new limes were planted both by citizens of Peterhof & by students of a Summer Academy from Bad Homburg. During the celebration of 300 anneversity of Peterhof official delegation from Peterhof sworn friend cities as Bad Homburg, Gettingen, Blan Menil, Sopot continued tree planting in the Friendship Alley.

Our friendship has been connecting citizens of Peterhof & Bad Homburg for ten years. Studying the language, knowledge of each other culture stimulate people to make contacts with "native speakers" for correspondence, contact & co-measures.

Lomonosov "Association of sworn friend contacts "Кalinkа" chose its motto the following words: "Cities friendship is citizens' friendship". In summer 2003 in Lomonosov was signed the agreement of establishment sworn friend with the German town Oberursel. Oberursel is situated near Bad Homburg. It's very symbolic that two closer German & Russian neighbors are united by partners relationships.

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