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About us

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St. Petersburg public organization "Peterhof's dialogues" was registered 26 June, 2002 by the main justice ministry administration of Russian Federation in St. Peterburg & Leningrad district.

The organization is voluntary, self-governing, uncommercial unit.

    The aims of the organization are:
  • Enlarging knowledge about different countries;
  • Popularization of this knowledge among the citizens;
  • Organization of their leisure activities;
  • Keeping friendly relations with the similar organizations & individual citizens of the foreign countries.

    To achieve these aims The Organization has got the following tasks:
  • Realization of the programme of assistance in studying the foreign languages by the members of the association;
  • Realization of the programme of cultural co-operation with the public organization in Russia & abroad;
  • studying the history of the link between St. Petersburg historical contacts with European organizations.

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